Terms & Conditions of delivery

1. Delivery is carried out directly by the Program Partners, and the terms and method of delivery may vary depending on the terms of the Program Partner and the region. Available methods of delivery: the point of issue of orders and courier delivery.

2. When placing an order, please indicate the phone number registered in the territory of the Russian Federation. In the event that a phone number registered outside the Russian Federation is specified, you will not be able to receive an order notification or a call from the delivery service.

3. After placing an order, changing the methods and date of delivery, the order's composition, or the number of items in the order is impossible.

4. When selecting a particular issue point or other delivery methods, the number of miles written off can vary.

5. At the time of receipt of the Rewards, the Participant must check its completeness and quality, and also sign a transfer document confirming receipt of the Rewards.

6. Return of the Premium is possible only if it is received in a damaged, incomplete or defective form (production defect). Refusal of the Rewards for other reasons is impossible, and the miles can not be returned. If at the point of issue of the order or at the time of delivery of the Award by courier, you found that the delivered Premium of improper quality, please inform the employee of the point of issue of orders or the courier. Exchange of Rewards from the Catalog is not allowed.

7. If the Reward was not received at the point of issue of orders or the delivery service could not deliver the Award through the recipient's fault, then the written off miles are not returned.

8. The participant must independently receive the Award ordered by him in the place and time indicated by him in the order of the Rewards, by presenting an identity document (or a copy thereof). In the event that the Participant does not receive the Award or refused to receive the Award, the Miles not written off for such Rewards will not be returned.

9. A Member of the Program aged 12 to 18 years is entitled to place the Award in his name or transfer the Award only with the written consent of his legal representatives (parents / guardians / trustees). On the form of the application for the Award / application for the Transfer of the Rewards, the passport data of the parents / guardians / trustees must be filled in without fail, and their signature must be present. The application for the Award / transfer of the Rewards, a copy of the birth certificate / copy of the Participant's passport at the age of 12 to 18 years, and copies of the passports of parents / guardians / trustees are provided to the sales offices / branches / representative offices of Aeroflot when registering the Award / transfer of the Award.

10. Delivery of electronic / digital awards (certificates, gift cards, etc.) is carried out electronically to your e-mail address within the time specified in the description for the Rewards. Information about the partner, conditions and rules is indicated in the product card and in the certificate. Electronic / Digital Rewards are not refundable or exchangeable.