Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q1: "Session timeout error" error
A1: In order to eliminate the error, you need to re-register in your account on the main page. To do this, you need to end the current session on the main page of the link and then repeat log in and go to " Prize catalog

Q2: How does online Reward ordering work?
A2: Browse through the categories to find which Reward you like best. The number of miles required for the Reward may vary slightly across regions, so be sure to set the correct region on the first visit. After you find your desired Reward, add it to the cart and click “Proceed to checkout”. In a few easy steps of selecting the shipping type and adjusting personal information you will be ready to submit your order. We will keep you informed on the progress via email, but you can also track the status of your order in “My orders” section.

It is important to check that your personal information and shipping address are valid and complete to ensure that the Reward is delivered correctly.

Q3: Why do I need to receive SMS with confirmation code to complete my order?
A3: To ensure the safety of your miles, starting from 10 December 2015 Aeroflot Bonus Rewards will be issued via SMS confirmation. Please subscribe for SMS-Info service in your personal account to get access to this feature.

Q4: What if I forgot my user name/password?
A4: Being an Aeroflot Bonus member, you can easily recover them by clicking here. You will be redirected to, where you will be asked to fill in your personal information in order to reset the password.

Q5: Can I gift Rewards to third parties who are not Aeroflot Bonus members?
A5: You are welcome to make gifts from Rewards Catalogue to anyone if you are ordering Gift Certificates. In this case, you may even provide us with the email address of the recipient instead of your own when submitting the order. However, those Rewards that require courier delivery or delivery to the pick-up point need to be collected by the member of Aeroflot Bonus in person, providing the proof of identity.

Q6: Can I convert miles on my account to cash?
A6: No, miles is only a marketing tool used for acknowledging loyalty of frequent flyers, but not the real currency. Therefore, miles do not have any denomination and cannot be converted into the real currency, other financial means or property.

Miles Redemption

Q1: I do not have enough miles for a Reward but I still want to get it. What do I do?
A1: Aeroflot Bonus Rewards are not available for traditional sale, so you cannot pay the remainder with money. If you do not have enough miles for something you like, you can keep an eye on our special offers to perhaps find one for the Reward of your choice. In the meantime, keep actively collecting miles with Aeroflot Bonus partners to reach your goal faster.

Q2: I do not recall receiving a confirmation for my order. What do I do?
A2: Please check your mailbox thoroughly. Sometimes due to the settings of your email provider, the confirmation email may go into the spam folder. If you do not see the message there either, feel free to contact us.

Shipping and Returns

Q1: What are the available shipping methods?
A1: Usually you will have a choice between a pick-up point in your location and a courier shipping to your address. However, for some Rewards one of these methods may not be available.

Q2: How many miles do I need for shipping my Reward?
A2: If you select the default shipping method, the shipping is covered by the miles that you see for the selected Reward. If you switch to an alternative shipping method, the additional sum of miles for shipping the Reward to your region will be added to the total.

Q3: What is the shipping policy for my order?
A3: Due to the variety of Rewards, the shipping policy and terms may differ. Please check what applies to your specific case under Rules & Restrictions for the Reward you selected.

Q4: I think I made a mistake in my personal information or address during the checkout. What do I do?
A4: You can check the details you provided during the checkout in the confirmation email for the order if you are in doubt. If you notice a mistake, please contact us immediately.

Q5: How long does it take to ship my item?
A5: The shipping usually takes no longer than 30 days even for distant regions, but be sure to check it in more detail under the Delivery Policy in each Reward description.

Q6: How can I track the status of my order?
A6: You can check the latest status of your order in “My orders” section. We will also notify you about all status changes via the email.

Q7: I did not receive my Reward yet. What do I do?
A7: Late deliveries are not common, but sometimes shipping takes longer than expected due to circumstances beyond our control. Please contact us if your Reward is taking longer to arrive than the Delivery Policy for it suggest.

Q8: Can I cancel my order or return the Reward?
A8: In general, you cannot cancel your order or return the Reward. In case if you have received a Reward with the defect (item was damaged, faulty or defective upon delivery), you will be able to get your miles refunded. Be sure to carefully check the Reward once it arrives and keep the signed receipt, which states that you have received the Reward, at all times. Otherwise, miles refund will not be possible.

Q9: I have received a broken or damaged Reward. What do I do?
A9: If you find that the Reward is damaged or broken, please contact us immediately. We will help you to refund miles.

Q10: I am interested in receiving a gift certificate. How does it work?
A10: When receiving a gift certificate, you will receive an e-mail with the certificate attached in PDF format, which you can print out and use during the period of validity. You can find more terms of use for each particular gift certificate on the product page and on the certificate itself.

Other Questions

Q1: What are the programm’s Terms and Conditions?
A1: You can find the Terms and Conditions of Aeroflot Bonus here.

Q2: I did not find the answer to my question here. What do I do?
A2: You are welcome to send us your question here or call us by the number +7-495-223-55-55 (Moscow) or 8-800-444-55-55 (Russia).