Holodilnik.ru Gift Certificate, 3000 RUB

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Holodilnik.ru Gift Certificate, 3000 RUB

HOLODILNIK.RU – one of the leading Russian online stores specializing in the sale of various household appliances of domestic and foreign production. The company works directly with the world's largest brands and their Russian representations and sells only quality, certified, original products. HOLODILNIK.RU assortment has more than 25,000 products, including products from tens of equipment categories.

Terms and Conditions

Certificate will be sent to your email address within 3 business days.
Certificate can be used right after it is receiving.
Certificate is valid for 6 months.

1. Certificate you can use when you order online on the website holodilnik.ru and in retail stores.
2. For use of the Certificate it needs to be print out and shown in payment at the checkout in the shop.
3. To use the Certificate in the online store, at checkout enter the code in the special field below the list of items in the cart.
4. The Certificate can be used when you purchase multiple items in one purchase.
5. If the purchase price is less than the amount specified on the Certificate, the difference between the face value of the Certificate and the purchase price is not refundable.
6. If the purchase price exceeds the face value of the Certificate, the difference you can pay using any available payment method.
7. The certificate is not a commodity, securities and is not subject to return, exchange for funds, is not recoverable in case of loss.
8. In one order you can only use one Certificate.
9. The Certificate can be used by one time when purchasing goods.
10. The Certificate cannot be used for additional services of the shop: delivery, comfort, protection, purchase light, purchase protection, etc.
11. Certificate cannot be used when purchasing goods at home, if you use a Certificate not valid:
∙ 5% discount when paying by card on the marked goods
∙ discount program.
Attention: the certificate doesn't work in the following cities and their areas: