Cover for a suitcase Routemark Cats and an order in black M/L (SP500)

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Cover for a suitcase Routemark Cats and an order in black M/L (SP500)


To save expensive suitcase from damage and pollution it is on the way not obligatory to wind it with polyethylene as a cocoon. Such way of course can seem cheap and simple, but it only in that case if to fly or travel by train only once in several years. For those who use services of airlines regularly, the best option will be a qualitative cover for a suitcase. It is possible to use such protective accessory many years and at the same time it will not lose the look and functionality.
The cover Cats and an order in black completely conforms to all made demands to such subject. It will reliably protect the case of a suitcase from appearance of scratches, and will save from emergence of scrapes. Also in such cover from dense spandex the baggage will always remain clean as it will not pass either dust, or moisture. In case the baggage falls or to hit, then even in the opened state risk that things will be soiled or will drop out, is excluded. As the cover densely adjoins to the case and will not allow it to reveal.
Besides such protective functions the cover differs also in interesting design. It is made of dense fabric of saturated black color on which the print in the form of amusing players and the jumping kittens is put. The frolicing animals raise an involuntary smile at all who will look at them, not important, the child it or the adult. Therefore the cover to be pleasant to one and all.
Product size - 70.5х51.5 cm
Product box size - 19х8.5х8.5 cm

Terms and Conditions

The Reward is provided by the partner Routemark (LLC ShVEER).
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Return of the Reward:
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It is necessary for you for implementation of return of miles:
1. To address to support service Aeroflot Bonus with request for implementation of return of miles by phone number 7 (495) 223-55-55 or 8 (800) 444-55-55;
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4. To expect return of miles. Miles are subject to return into the account in the program within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt by the partner of the original of the delivery-acceptance certificate of the Reward.
Return of miles for the returned Rewards without preliminary confirmation by support service Aeroflot Bonus is impossible.