Yandex.Taxi Gift Certificate on one trip, 700 RUB

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Yandex.Taxi Gift Certificate on one trip, 700 RUB

Yandex.Taxi — information service for the order of the taxi online. He defines location of the user and sends the order to that driver who can arrive most quicker. Select the destination — and the application will show exact cost. It is possible to pay a trip with cash or the card.

Terms and Conditions

Certificate will be sent to your e-mail address within 3 working days.
Certificate can be used right after it's receiving.
Certificate is valid untill 31.12.2020.

1. The certificate works only in the cities of the Russian Federation in which the Yandex.Taxi service works.
2. The certificate doesn't work in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Uzbekistan and Estonia.
3. The certificate works only at the order of the taxi through the Yandex.Taxi mobile application.
4. To use the certificate, is necessary: 
- download the mobile application Yandex.Taxi in AppStore or GooglePlay;
- link the cash card in the application and to enter the received certificate code in to section Promocode;
- choose a payment method as the card.
5. We pay your attention that payment by virtual cash cards is not made.
6. In case the cost of a trip is less than the face value of the certificate, the difference between the face value of the certificate and cost of a trip doesn't come back.
7. In case the cost of a trip is higher than certificate face value, the difference can be paid only by the cash card linked in the application.
8. The certificate can be applied in any tariff available in the city of action of the certificate.
9. The certificate isn't summarized with other certificates, discounts, actions and promocodes.
10. One certificate can use once, within one trip.
11. The certificate isn't goods, security and can't exchange on money.
12. In case of loss the certificate can not be restored.
13. After the termination of validity period the certificate becomes invalid.
14. The certificate isn't personalized.
Full rules for the use of Certificates are available at official website Yandex.Taxi.