Serum against a hair loss for women Vichy Aminexil Intensive, 6 ml x 21 pieces.

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Serum against a hair loss for women Vichy Aminexil Intensive, 6 ml x 21 pieces.

For the first time experts of Vichy laboratories established that for a solution of the problem of a hair loss it is necessary to influence not only a hair root, but also head skin which can be weakened under the influence of negative external and internal factors. Aminexil Intensive 5 is the first complex means which acts on all levels: on roots of hair, head skin and fiber of a hair, helping to struggle with a hair loss effectively.
Amineksil 1.5% - interferes with hardening of collagen in the mouth of a hair follicle, keeps softness and elasticity of tissues. It strengthens hair fixation in an integument of the head and slows down their loss.
Arginin - stimulates microblood circulation and improves food of bulbs of hair.
Oktein [Olamin Vitamin E Pirokton complex] – innovative opening of Vichy Laboratories - possesses the antimicrobial and calming head skin action for fight against influence of negative external factors.
The mineralizing thermal Vichy-water increases barrier and protective functions of head skin, helping it to resist to influence of aggressive factors.
SP94 - provides hair food from the roots.
PP/B6 vitamins - saturate hair with necessary nutrients, restore them from within and do by stronger.
The proved efficiency against a hair loss within 6 weeks. The efficiency is confirmed clinically, under dermatological control.
Optimum tolerance. Hypoallergenic. Without parabens.
It is tested on sensitive head skin.
Method of application:
- temperate loss: one monodose a day, 3 monodoses a week within 6 weeks a minimum (a course = 1 packing x 21 monodoses);
- intensive losses: one monodose a day within 6 weeks a minimum (a course = 2 packs x 21 monodoses).
Aminexil Intensive 5 needs to be applied evenly on hair partings on clean dry or moist hair in the morning or in the evening. By means of the convenient massage applicator means is easily distributed on all head skin.
For achievement of maximum efficiency it is important to use 1 monodose entirely for one application.

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