US MEDICA Gift Certificate, 10,000 RUB

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US Medica

US MEDICA Gift Certificate, 10,000 RUB

US MEDICA is the biggest supplier of massage equipment from such well-known brands as US MEDICA, Yamaguchi, Panasonic, Fujiiryoki, Anatomico, Hakuju. The company offers massage chairs, beauty products, cosmetic appliances for home use, massage tables, massagers for the whole body, massage capes and fitness equipment. US MEDICA's motto is "Health, beauty and excellent mood!"

Terms and Conditions

Your Gift Certificate will be emailed to you within 3 business days.
Gift Certificate can use in 2 business days, apart from day of receiving.
Gift Certificate is valid for 2 months. 

1. A Gift Certificate can be used towards online orders on and websites and for purchases in US MEDICA and YAMAGUCHI brand stores.
2. For use of the Certificate it needs to be print out and shown in payment at the checkout in the shop.
3. A Gift Certificate is not personalized.
4. If the purchase amount exceeds the Gift Certificate value, the difference may be paid in cash or by bank card.
5. A Gift Certificate cannot be exchanged for cash or multiple Gift Certificates of less value.
6. A Gift Certificate may be used only once, regardless of the purchase amount.
7. A Gift Certificate can be used to buy multiple goods within a single purchase.
8. Additional information is available at 8-800-505-76-54.