Sportmaster Gift card, 3000 RUB

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Sportmaster Gift card, 3000 RUB

Sportmaster is an international network of sports stores of quality sports equipment for fitness, summer and winter sports, as well as goods for outdoor activities. Goods of high quality at reasonable prices.

Terms and Conditions

The Certificate will be sent to your email address within 3 business days.
The use of the Certificate is possible as soon as it is received.
The validity of the Certificate is 12 months.

1. The Certificate is accepted in all Sportmaster stores in Russia, including an online store.
2. In case of loss of the Certificate, including theft, it can not be restored, and the remaining money can not be returned.
3. In the case of selecting a product for an amount less than the nominal value of the Certificate, the remainder of the denomination is not returned to the Presenter.
4. If the value of the goods exceeds the denomination of the Certificate at the conclusion of the contract of retail purchase and sale, the difference can be paid in cash, incl. using payment bank cards, or using other gift cards Sportmaster.
5. The unused Certificate is canceled and no cash is returned.
6. The certificate can not be used to receive cash.
7. Return, exchange of goods purchased using the Certificate is carried out in accordance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation.
8. In case of return of the goods, a plastic gift card of the same value will be issued.
Full rules for using the Certificate.