Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8 (SM-A530F), Black

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8 (SM-A530F), Black


The Galaxy A8 extends the boundaries of what it has seen. A large and colorful unlimited screen takes the entire front surface of the smartphone from edge to edge.
Whatever you prefer - classic or modern - among the colors of the Galaxy A8 body there is sure to be one that suits you. And thanks to smooth rounded edges this ergonomic smartphone does not feel like letting go.
A limitless screen with an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9 allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite movie, creating the feeling that you are watching it in a movie theater. This is the largest screen in the history of the Galaxy A.
The unlimited screen is larger in height than the screen of the previous model, so you can scroll less while reading and surfing the internet. Browsing social networks and news articles, you will see more information on the screen at a time.
To remove a unique frame, just touch the shutter icon on the Galaxy A8. With the dual front camera, you can quickly make excellent selfies and group shots with a focus on you and your friends. The main camera 16 MP will capture these moments in incredibly detailed and vivid pictures.
Add moods and expressiveness to your self with the "Live Focus" feature. "Live focus" allows you to adjust the background blur in the process of photographing or already on the finished image, focusing on you and your friends. And if you turn on the retouch function, before you shoot the Selfie, the result will be simply stunning.
Edit photos by adding stickers and filters. You can decorate selfi with funny stickers using face recognition technology. And also include a mode of food shooting, a function of retouching and filters even before you start shooting. The retouch function works also when shooting video on the front camera, so even in the videos you will look great.
Now you can take pictures at night or in the dark - you will get perfect shots thanks to the main camera Galaxy A8, capable of shooting in low light. An F1.7 lens, larger 1.12 "pixels and a 1 / 2.8-inch matrix capture more light, making the photos crisp and detailed.
This smartphone will work wherever you are. The Galaxy A8 is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof housing rated at IP68, so that no spray or rain will harm it.
Watch for what is happening, set up reminders and get information through the camera using Bixby. Bixby is a virtual assistant, controlled by text or gestures, which remembers your habits. Bixby Widgets, Bixby Camera and Bixby Reminder reminders are integrated into the Galaxy A8 and will become an integral part of your lifestyle.
With the function "Always active screen" all the current information is always on the screen. Recognize the time, view events in the calendar and unread notifications, even if the smartphone is in sleep mode.
Make payments at all outlets, thanks to the support of NFC and MST technologies. Now you can leave your wallet at home and buy goods, just paying them with a smartphone. You can be sure of the security of payment, as transactions are reliably protected with a fingerprint.
Set up chatting, as you like. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8 allows you to install two separate accounts for the same messenger. You can install and manage the second account in the instant messenger from the main screen or through the Settings menu.
A protected folder is a powerful data protection solution that allows you to create an encrypted space in the smartphone's memory for storing personal content: photos, documents and sound files. Access to them you will have only you.
Save mobile traffic and battery power thanks to the adaptive Wi-Fi management on the Galaxy A8. The smartphone remembers where you connected to Wi-Fi, and instantly connects to a known network when you are in the zone of its operation. When you leave the coverage area, Wi-Fi is turned off so as not to drain the battery.
Unlocking a smartphone is not harder than making a selfie or scanning a finger. With face recognition and a fingerprint scanner, you quickly and easily remove the lock.
The smartphone Galaxy A8 is equipped with 4 GB of RAM: it easily works in multitasking mode and supports games of a new generation. In addition, you can expand the memory to 256 GB using microSD cards and store everything you need on the phone. If you travel a lot or have two phone numbers, you have the opportunity to use two SIM-cards.
The phone is EAC certified and has a Russified menu interface and a "User's Guide".

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