Rendez-Vous Certificate, 5000 RUB

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Rendez-Vous Certificate, 5000 RUB

Rendez-Vous - shops of women's, men's and children's shoes, bags and accessories. It is more than 100 brands also 3 years of free prevention and repair of footwear and bags.

Terms and Conditions

The Certificate will be sent to your e-mail address within 3 business days.
The Certificate can use in 2 business days, apart from day of receiving.
Period of validity of the Certificate - 24 months. 

How to use:
1. To print out the Certificate or to keep in the mobile phone.
2. To show the Certificate at the checkout before purchase.
Use restriction:
1. It is possible to pay with the Certificate goods in all shops Rendez-Vous in the territory of Russia, except for Online store 
2. The Certificate can be used once and not earlier than in 2 working days after receiving it on e-mail.
3. In case the cost of goods exceeds Certificate face value, the difference can be paid by money, including with use of payment cash cards, or with use of other similar Certificates.
4. It is possible to use the total face value of several Certificates for commission of one purchase.
5. The Certificate and also purchases of the sum, unused for payment, are not subject to return and exchange for money.
6. At loss or theft the Certificate is not restored and not blocked.
7. The Certificate is not goods, the security and is not subject to return, exchange for money. 
8. In case of the choice of goods there is one sum less than the face value of Certificate, the face value rest to the Bearer does not return.
In more detail about the Certificate of Rendez-Vous on site.