Wireless vacuum cleaner Ariete 2763 Handstick 2 in 1

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Wireless vacuum cleaner Ariete 2763 Handstick 2 in 1

Ariete 2763 - powerful and easy accumulator vacuum cleaner 2 in 1: manual + vertical. No cords are necessary - one charge of the capacious Li-ion battery lasts for 45 minutes of cleaning. This modern convenient device will make clean all house - with its help it is possible to save quickly from crumbs and litter a floor, to clean carpets and furniture from dust, to vacuum hard-to-reach spots (high regiments, eaves) by means of the special nozzle delivered in a set. One more removable accessory - a separate brush just for decoration with an optimum density of fibers. The quality of cleaning guarantees the powerful motor of the device (120 W DC) with a high force of absorption. If necessary the operating mode can be changed to less active, having switched speed.
Ariete 2763 equipped a cyclone system which reliably hides dust in a dust collector, without allowing its hit in air. You achieve really qualitative, almost professional results of cleaning. It is convenient to use this vacuum cleaner as for weekly general cleaning of rooms of dirt and dust, and in cases if it is necessary to vacuum something quick. On cleaning of the filter no more couple of minutes will also leave. Ariete uses non-bag technology - dust gathers in the removable strong container located in the top part of the device. It is completely tight, and is removed for only a few seconds. It is easy to wash both a container, and the filter under usual flowing water from under the crane. And the vacuum cleaner, thanks to its compactness and accurate futuristic design, can be stored directly in kitchen or in a corridor – he will not take a lot of place and will be almost imperceptible in an interior. Ariete 2763 it is also ideal for cleaning in the car.

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Return of the Reward:
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If at the time of delivery of the Reward by the courier you found out that the delivered Reward of inadequate quality, please, report about it to the courier.
In case you have found Reward shortcomings within 7 calendar days after receiving the Reward, and such shortcomings have arisen not through your fault that is confirmed with the conclusion of the service center authorized by the producer of Goods, then it has to be necessary for you:
1. Call to support service Aeroflot Bonus with request for implementation of return of miles by phone +7 (495) 223-55-55 or 8 (800) 444-55-55;
2. Send to support service Aeroflot Bonus the scanned copies:

  • act of delivery-acceptance of the Reward;
  • the conclusion of the service center authorized by the producer;
  • application for return of the Reward.

3. After receiving confirmation from support service Aeroflot Bonus to return of miles, send to the address of the partner Ariete.ru (LLC Kolors Group): 119071, Moscow, Malaya Kaluzhskaya St., 15, build. 17 original of the conclusion of the service center and application for return of the Reward.
4. To expect return of miles. Miles are subject to return into the account in the program within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt by the partner of originals of the conclusion of the service center and the application for return of the Reward.
Return of miles for the returned Rewards without preliminary confirmation by support service Aeroflot Bonus is impossible.