Pillow Routemark Memo Sonya, Avion

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Pillow Routemark Memo Sonya, Avion

The Avion Memo-comfort pillow for travel is one of the popular attributes while traveling on planes, in autotransport or a train. Even the most convenient chair is not designed for sleep, so it is unlikely to be possible to relax completely and rest without a pillow. In order for the journey not to be spoiled by bad feeling, it is necessary to improve the conditions for rest. This will be helped by a collar-pillow to fix the neck and head in a convenient position.
Thanks to the Memo-comfort pillow Avion, the head of a person does not turn back, does not tilt in the side, preventing the flow of the neck. The travel accessory allows you to relax completely and sleep well during a long flight or trip. It is possible to apply a product in any place where long stay in a chair is required: on the plane, the airport, at the station, in the car, the train, the electric train. The Memo-comfort pillow Avion found its application in the home: with it you can relax in front of the TV, while working at the computer, the attribute can be taken with you for rest.
The road pillow is made in the form of a horseshoe, gently fixing the neck around. With the help of a fixer, the product does not shift sideways during sleep and rest. The height of the pillow allows you to turn your head back slightly, resting on the back of the head against the soft edge. In this position, muscle tension of the neck is removed, excluding the appearance of osteocondrosis. A feature of the model is a filler made of polymer components. A special structure is adjusted to the body of a person.
The material of the attribute is pleasant to the touch, does not cause irritation on the skin. The model is easy to care for, the removable cover can be washed in a washing machine. Bright print in the form of red-and-white aircraft will certainly appreciate fans of flights. A blue background would make minor spots indistinguishable on the product. The compact model can be easily marked in a small bag.

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