Philips HPS940 / 10, Black hair styling forceps

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Philips HPS940 / 10, Black hair styling forceps


Curling irons Philips ProCare Auto (HPS940 / 10) allow you to create excellent curls. Thanks to a professional brushless motor, a strand of hair automatically winds on the titanium-ceramic heating casing, heats up and curls - always perfect curls
A reliable professional brushless motor allows you to change the direction of the curl. Create perfect symmetrical curls that are swirled right or left. You can also use the automatic waving function in two directions for the most natural image.
Professional rotating titanium-ceramic body for quick curling, smooth and shiny hair. Titanium-ceramic coating of the body evenly distributes heat and creates excellent curls due to an ideally smooth surface.
3 temperature settings (170/190/210 ° C) and 3 time settings (12/10/8 sec) allow you to create natural loose or elastic curls. For excellent styling, you just need to choose the temperature that is right for your hair type, and change the speed settings.
The ergonomic design of the curling iron Philips ProCare Auto makes it easy to create perfect symmetrical curls - even on the back of the head.
A unique thermal insulating chamber for curls prevents burns during styling. Philips ProCare Auto curling irons provide safe use, unlike conventional tongs.
Cord length of 2 m, like professional forceps for beauty salon, provides freedom of movement and ease of use. Create any images with Philips ProCare Auto curling irons without worrying about the length of the cord.

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