Hormeta скраб-пилинг "Exfoliating Peeling Scrub" с микрочастицами, 50 мл

Hormeta скраб-пилинг "Exfoliating Peeling Scrub" с микрочастицами, 50 мл
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HORME™PURE Exfoliating Peeling Scrub

Fitted exfoliation.

The exfoliating reference to remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin. The microbeads glide over the skin to exfoliate and thus help boost cell renewal.

A creamy texture with a fresh menthol scent.
A formula based on polyamide microbeads, white clay and menthol, combined with HORMETA’s specific trace elements complex.
Mix into an emulsion with water or HORMETA Cleansing Milk and exfoliate.
Rinse with water.
Apply once or twice a week.
Not suitable for very sensitive or acne prone skin.

Terms and Conditions

The award is provided by the partner LLC "SAMSON-PHARMA"
The processing time of the order is up to 2 working days, after which the Award will be transferred for delivery / pick-up.
When placing an order, it is necessary to indicate the contact phone number registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Available methods of delivery:
∙ Points of issuance of orders for Russia. Delivery of the Award to the points of issue of orders takes from 3 to 14 days depending on the region. The period of storage of the Prize at the point of issue of orders is 3 calendar days.
∙ Courier delivery in Moscow (within the MKAD, as well as in Butovo, Zhulebino, Kosino, Mitino).
Delivery of the Award by courier service is carried out up to 5 working days, the exact date and time of delivery is agreed with the recipient in addition.
The selected award delivery will be considered (added) to the total order amount in miles. Please see the complete rules for the delivery of the Award. Upon receipt we ask you to check the presentation of the Prize.
We draw your attention to the fact that you must independently receive the ordered Award in the place and at the time indicated in the order, by presenting an identity document. In case you did not receive the Award or refused to receive it, the written off miles are not returned. Claims regarding the Prize are accepted only on condition that it is received in a damaged (incomplete) or faulty form (industrial marriage).