Orizing reinforcing mask for weak and thin hair, 250 ml

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Orizing reinforcing mask for weak and thin hair, 250 ml


Remedy is recommended in case of poor nutrition of hair bulbs, in case of hormonal failures and pregnancy, pronounced work of sebaceous glands, in case of avitaminosis, nervous stresses, in case of diets/lack of vitamins, in case of change of temperature regime.
Due to the content of silk proteins, the mask intensively strengthens and restores hair structure, gives hair a healthy appearance, strengthens roots, prevents hair loss, stimulates growth. As a result, hair loss is reduced, hair rod quality is improved, hair is stronger, resilient and shiny.
How to use:
- apply the mask to the scalp with uniform massaging movements;
- spread over the whole length of hair by means of hairstyle;
- leave for 3-10 minutes;
- wash thoroughly.

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