Okko "The magical world of Disney" subscription

Okko "The magical world of Disney" subscription
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Please note that this reward when ordering from 27 December to 8 January, will be emailed within 3 business days (after 9 January 2018).

Watch movies with pleasure!

Okko offers quality and premium video service. Movies are regularly being added into Okko’s collection at the same time or shortly after the movie premiere. Choose Okko and be among the first to see the new movies, famous TV series and cartoons – all in high quality HD and without the ads.

"The magical world of Disney" subscription will give you unlimited access to the collection of Disney movies and cartoons. View the collection.

Terms and Conditions

Your Gift Certificate will be sent to you by email within 3 business days. The Certificate is valid for "The magical world of Disney" subscription that should be activated by the Certificate owner. Each subscription gives you access to the constantly updated thematic collection of movies that you can watch for 30 days.

To activate your subscription:
1. Launch «Okko Movies HD» application.
2. Click on "Settings" and then "Payment" / "Certificates and gifts" tab.
3. Enter Gift Certificate number in the field "Promo code".
4. In "Subscriptions" section you will see your new subscription to "The magical world of Disney" valid for 1 month from the date of activation.

Gift Certificate cannot be refunded and/or exchanged for cash or multiple Gift Certificates of less value. Gift Certificate is not personalized and can be passed on as a gift to the third party. For futher information please visit code.okko.tv