Mini-furnace Ariete 985 Bon Cuisine 300

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Mini-furnace Ariete 985 Bon Cuisine 300

The compact and ergonomic mini-furnace from the famous Italian producer. It is ideal for small apartments and dachas. She will be estimated also by those who don't like to encumber space, appreciates simplicity and comfort. Be not frightened prefixes Mini - the volume of this furnace (30 liters) quite enough to feed with a tasty house lunch or a dinner all family. But there is more to come - Ariete of 985 Bon Cuisine 300 is equipped with the system of the improved convection. Hot air in the closed space of an oven circulates most actively. And it means that food will bake for 100%. Bonus: it is at the same time possible to prepare several different dishes or to place in the furnace at once two baking sheets to feed the big company of guests. The warmed air masses reach even the most remote corners of an oven. The maximum temperature of heating - 230 degrees that is optimum for cooking.
The mode of the strengthened convection allows Ariete of 985 Bon Cuisine 300 to bake successfully even big pieces of meat, it is good to bake thoroughly volume pies, to effectively dry up herbs, pieces of fruit, croutons and also to prepare unusual desserts - for example, a meringue.
The mini-furnace of Ariete 985 Bon Cuisine 300 is surprisingly universal. She will approach as the student who has moved down from parents and for the first time makes a lunch independently, and the skilled hostess preferring culinary experiments. Simple in management and at the same time multipurpose furnace. 6 operating modes: from a simple warming up of semi-finished pizza before preparation of a difficult culinary delicacy.
Ariete was succeeded to create beautiful, safe and really clever furnace: modern design in silvery, double glass (external practically doesn't heat up, it is possible to get safely to the house where there are small children), non-stick coating of a baking sheet (goes in a set, it is easily cleaned from the food remains), the timer for 60 minutes (the device will automatically be switched-off in the set time). Besides a non-stick baking sheet, in a set a grill grate, the convenient handle for safe taking out of a baking sheet, the removable pallet for crumbs.

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