Protective mask Routemark Spiro Fable

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Protective mask Routemark Spiro Fable

Have you ever had to catch a strong gust of wind with dust? For sure, especially if you often have to move around the city. When such a suspension gets into the respiratory tract and mucous membranes, there is little pleasant, you will agree. In such a case, we created the mask Spiro Fable - for those who are constantly in motion and who need to be fully armed! If the situation requires a more serious approach, a special pocket for the coal filter is provided inside the mask.
The anatomical shape of the half-mask ensures its uniform fit without irritating the skin of the face. The outer half-mask layer consists of thin hypoallergenic neoprene. Mask has size regulator. The valve-free half-mask creates a barrier for various types of smoke (e.g. tobacco), sand and dust in high winds, provides partial protection of mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, protects against unnecessary touching to the face.
Recommendations about use:
• Prior to the first use, it is recommended to sterilize the half mask at home by washing and ironing it, including using the steam generation function.
• Breathe dimensionally, adaptation of breath will take 5-10 minutes.
• For reuse the half-mask, it must be pre-processed by washing it at 60° C and carefully ironing it on both sides with hot iron.
• Once fully processed, the half mask can be reused. Service life of the mask is up to 100 shifts depending on operating conditions.

Terms and Conditions

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The Reward is provided by the partner Routemark (LLC Routemark).
The term of processing of the order up to 2 buisness days then the Reward will be transferred to the delivery service. Delivery of the Reward by courier service is carried out up to 10 working days (depending on the region of delivery). Exact date and time of express delivery is coordinated with the Participant in addition.
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Express delivery of orders is carried out:
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Return of the Reward:
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If at the time of delivery of the Reward by the courier you found out that the delivered Reward of inadequate quality, please, report about it to the courier.
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2. To send to support service Aeroflot Bonus the scanned copy of the delivery-acceptance certificate of the Reward;
3. After receiving confirmation from support service Aeroflot Bonus to return of miles to send to the address of the partner Routemark (LLC Routemark): 142116, Moscow region, Podolsk, Lobachev St., 7/3 Warehouse No. 4 original of the delivery-acceptance certificate of the Reward.
4. To expect return of miles. Miles are subject to return into the account in the program within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt by the partner of the original of the delivery-acceptance certificate of the Reward.
Return of miles for the returned Rewards without preliminary confirmation by support service Aeroflot Bonus is impossible.