Lierac увлажняющий гель для бритья, 150 мл

Lierac увлажняющий гель для бритья, 150 мл
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Lierac Men Shaving Gel Protective Anti-Irritation 150ml
Lierac Men Shaving Gel is a fresh, moisturizing shaving gel, which protects the skin from irritations resulting from shaving.
Lierac Men Shaving Gel isolates skin from the razor's blades and increases razor's slip, so that shaving is safety and skin is without irritation. It reduces redness and burning. Provides immediate and long-term mitigation of irritation and refresh of the skin.

Comfort and safety while shaving are provided by:

peppermint extract that soothes and prevents irritation;
SKINPOWER5 complex (unique complex consisting of 5 minerals: iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese) which restores the skin's ideal state;
plant glycerin + oils of safflower and jojoba oil - moisturize your skin and bring its long-lasting comfort;
Vitamin E, which protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals.
How to use:
Use Lierac Men Shaving Gel in the morning and / or evening depending on your needs, on cleansed and wet skin, before shaving. When exposed to water the gel turns into a creamy lather.

Terms and Conditions

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