Women's Wallet Marc Jacobs Compact Wallet Brown-gray M0015120

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Marc Jacobs

Women's Wallet Marc Jacobs Compact Wallet Brown-gray M0015120

Marc Jacobs founded his brand in 1984. The designer was born and raised in New York, which had a significant impact on his work. He was interested in fashion, working as a salesman in a New York boutique of avant-garde clothing, was educated at the New York school of design Parsons The New School for Design (Parsons School of Design). Marc Jacobs became the first designer to reveal the "grunge" style to the world of high fashion – deliberate negligence, stretched sweaters, massive shoes. Jacobs remains true to this style today. Today Marc Jacobs is a well-known American brand, represented in more than 50 mono-brand and 250 multi-brand stores around the world.
Basic material: genuine leather
Type of main material: granular
Length: 14 cm
Height: 9 cm
Number of branches: 4
Number of internal pockets: 4
Number of external pockets: 1
Brand Country: USA
Country of manufacture: Vietnam
Closure type: zipper-button
Lining: fabric

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