Irrigator Revyline RL 450 white

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Irrigator Revyline RL 450 white

The Revyline Rl 450 irrigator has five modes that provide a water jet pressure of 130 to 760 kPa. The kit includes five nozzles that allow you to get rid of contaminants that cannot be reached using a toothbrush. The irrigator is equipped with a tank that is easy to remove and install. The device runs on a battery, is easy and compact - you can transport it and take it with you on the road. Thanks to the elegant design, the Rl 450 will look organically in the design of any bathroom. With the Revyline irrigator, you will be able to care for the oral cavity if you wear braces or other orthodontic structures.
- EAN: 2000312036672;
- type: portable;
- working: from battery;
- children's design: none;
- operating principle: pulse;
- main nozzle: for tongue cleaning;
- adjustment of jet pressure: yes;
- tank capacity: 240 ml;
- maximum jet pressure: 760 kPa;
- minimum jet pressure: 130 kPa;
- total number of nozzles: 5;
- mode: jet;
- water pulsation frequency: 1700 pulses/min;
- dimensions: 21,8x7,1x8,3 cm;
- country of production: China;
- warranty: 24 months.

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