Gift Certificate Globus Gurme, 10000 rub

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Globus Gurme

Gift Certificate Globus Gurme, 10000 rub

The Globus Gourmet gift certificate – it’s a great opportunity to gift your loved ones the best of the best from the world of unique products and delicatessen. Use the certificate to pay for any purchase in Globus Gourmet gastronomes.

Terms and Conditions

Certificate will be sent to your e-mail within 3 working days. 
Certificate can be used after 2 business days, excluding day of receiving.
Certificate is valid for 12 months.

1. For use of the Certificate it needs to be print out and shown in payment at the checkout in the shop.
Certificates are accepted only in gastronomes:
- Globus Gourmet Vremena Goda, Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospect, 48
- TsUM Globus Gourmet, Moscow, Petrovka Str., 2, build. 2
- Globus Gourmet Gimeney, Moscow, Bolshaya Yakimanca str., 22
- Globus Gourmet Novaya Riga, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, 23rd km a/r Baltia, build. 1, TC Premier
2. The Certificate is not nominal and can be used by anyone who presents it. 
3. Certificates and discount cards cannot be used together.
4. The Certificate cannot be exchanged for cash or divided into certificates of less value.
5. You can use any number of Certificates in a check to pay for a single purchase.
6. The Certificate can be used to pay for all goods. Goods  with statutorily prescribed  minimal retail price (MRP) can be paid for with the Certificate within the limit above the MRP. 
7. The Certificate can be used only once. If the purchase sum is less than the value of the Certificate, the difference is not compensated. If the purchase value is greater than that of the Certificate, the difference can be paid in cash or by card.
8. Certificate is not valid in the online store Globus Gourmet.