Eldorado Gift Certificate, 2000 RUB

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Eldorado Gift Certificate, 2000 RUB

The company "Eldorado" is the largest Russian network of stores of home appliances and electronics. Geography of the company's presence covers more than 200 cities in different regions of the Russian Federation. The network "Eldorado" actively develops multichannel sales and has more than 600 stores throughout the country.

Terms and Conditions

The Certificate will be sent to your email address within 3 business days.
You can use the Certificate right after it is received.
The Сertificate is valid until 30.06.2020.
The Сertificate is not valid for ordering through the online store Eldorado​.
Do not operate with a Certificate with a bar code within a single check.

1. Certificates are accepted in the retail stores of LLC Eldorado. Addresses of stores can be found on the website.
2. Before payment of goods at the checkout, it is necessary to show the printed-out Certificate/number of the Certificate to the selling assistant for a goods extract, and further at the checkout to tell the cashier a PIN code of the used Certificate.
3. If the Certificate's value exceeds the purchase price, the discount amount will be the nominal value of the certificate minus 1 ruble. 1 ruble is paid by the buyer to the cashier in cash, or electronically for each commodity item in the check.
4. The Certificate can be used once.
5. The Certificate can pay for several goods or services within the same purchase.
6. The Certificate is not a commodity, a security and is not subject to refund, exchange for cash.
7. Not subject to recovery in case of loss. 
8. The Certificate can pay for goods / services, except for Apple products, Dyson, Miele, Sony Play Station and Microsoft Xbox game consoles and accessories, contracts of mobile operators, payments for CyberPlat® systems, Deltatelecom, Rapid; utility payments; money transfers; gift cards; GOSLOTO, commission goods and services (NTV + insurance); repayment of bank loans, purchase of goods on credit; insurance Express Service and payments for the kitchen "Maria", as well as goods participating in certain promotions, information about which can be clarified in the retail stores of LLC Eldorado.
9. No surcharge is allowed with the use of the Eldorado Bonus Card.
10. To pay for one purchase, you can use from 1 to 10 Certificates in the check.
Full terms of payment by Certificate