Detskiy Mir Gift Certificate, 2,000 RUB

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Detskiy Mir

Detskiy Mir Gift Certificate, 2,000 RUB

Detskiy Mir Group is a largest Russian retail chain and a leader in the baby goods market. The company history began in 1957 with the launch of Tsentralnyj Detskiy Mir on Lubyanka Square. Today, the retail chain includes over 328 supermarkets and hypermarkets in over 132 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. The total shopping floor space of the Detskiy Mir store network is 441 thousand sq. meters. A leader in the industry, Detskiy Mir offers a wide choice of goods for children from 0 to 12.

Terms and Conditions

Your Gift Certificate will be emailed to you within 3 business days.
The certificate can use in 2 business days, apart from day of receiving.
The Certificate is valid for: 12 months. 

1. For use of the Certificate it needs to be print out and shown in payment at the checkout in any shop*.
2. You can use this Certificate for payment of goods in any shop of Detskiy Mir network * for the sum equal to Certificate face value.
3. The sum of face value of the Certificate is used once upon purchase of goods. If necessary surcharge is provided by cash or the cash card.
4. After expiration of the Certificate the unused sum of the Certificate does not return.
5. The certificate is not subject to exchange for money and exchange for Certificates of smaller face value.
Information on Toy Store retail network and rules of use of the Certificate is available on the website.
* Except for Detskiy Mir online store.