Suitcase Lucky Club "Airplane", 65 l

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Lucky Club

Suitcase Lucky Club "Airplane", 65 l

Suitcase Lucky Clab "Airplane", made of durable polypropylene, perfect for traveling. The product has a rigid shape. The interior material is polyester.
The suitcase is very capacious, it contains a thoughtful internal organization that allows you to conveniently decompose things. There are two compartments, which are closed around the perimeter of the zipper with two sliders. A large storage compartment for clothes is equipped with crossed luggage belts, which are connected with a plastic fastener. The second branch is with a zip with two runners.
For convenient transportation, the suitcase is equipped with four maneuverable wheels, which make it easy to move in any direction. The telescopic handle is extended by pressing the button and fixed in the 1 position. Top and side are provided with handles for lifting the suitcase.
The suitcase is equipped with a code lock, which excludes the possibility of hacking.
Suitcase Lucky Clab "Airplane" is ideal for travel and travel. It will accommodate all the necessary things and will become an indispensable accessory when traveling.
The size of the suitcase (LxWxH): 42 x 24 x 57 cm.
The height of the suitcase (taking into account the wheels and the maximum extended handle): 105 cm.
The height of the sliding handle: 45.5 cm.
Wheel diameter: 4.5 cm.
The suitcase volume is 65 liters.

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