Certificate World of Warships for 10000 doubloons

8 000 Mmiles
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Certificate World of Warships for 10000 doubloons


Doubloons are a special currency in the World of Warships online game. They are used to gain instant access to various premium opportunities, from special ships to useful bonuses, and they make conquering the virtual seas more interesting! Perhaps it's time to restock your supplies?

Terms and Conditions

Certificate will be sent to your email address within 3 business days.
Certificate can be used right after it's receiving.
Certificate is valid for 30.06.21
1. The certificate is valid only for accounts registered on the CIS server of the online game World of Warships.
2. To use the Certificate, you need to:
— log in to the World of Warships website;
— go to the code activation page;
— enter the Certificate code and click Activate.
3. Each Certificate can be used once,
4. The Certificate is not a commodity, a security and is not subject to return, exchange for money, recovery in case of loss. The Certificate is not personalized.
5. Upon expiration, the Certificate will become invalid.