Dry shampoo Batiste Original without fragrance, 200 ml

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Dry shampoo Batiste Original without fragrance, 200 ml

Batiste's Original dry shampoo with a gentle classic flavor quickly cleans and refreshes the hair. Dry shampoo eliminates the fat of roots, giving dull and lifeless hair the necessary gloss, without the use of water. Quickly refreshes and increases hair strength, gives the body hair and texture and leaves a feeling of purity and freshness.
Dry shampoo is ideal for use when:
- You have no time to wash your head with regular shampoo;
- You have many other things to do;
- Your life is a complete cycle of events.
Quickly and efficiently absorbs dirt and fat, thereby cleaning the hair.
Method of application:
Step 1. Spray the dry shampoo onto your hair at a distance of 30 cm.
Step 2. Massage your head for a few minutes. During massage movements with fingers, dry shampoo penetrates the hair rod, absorbs dirt and fat, thus restoring it.
Step 3. Brush and your hair is soft and clean again.
To make the hair look like after the shower, it is necessary to spray from a distance of 30 cm on roots, then wait three minutes, then massage the head at and carefully comb the hair. If you just want to refresh the stacking, which cannot be brushed, then after use you can blow the remains of the shampoo with a hairdryer in cold breeze mode.

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