Artway MD-160, Black DVR with radar detector

Artway MD-160, Black DVR with radar detectorArtway MD-160, Black DVR with radar detectorArtway MD-160, Black DVR with radar detector
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The unique multifunction device Artway MD-160 will replace for the motorist five devices at once: a DVR with two cameras, a radar detector with a GPS-informer, a parking assistance system. In this case, the listed electronics is assembled in the rear-view mirror housing, inconspicuous and in the car's interior.

A large and bright 4.3 "diagonal display with high resolution will allow you to easily view the footage of the video on the DVR itself, to see all the details or to easily manage the setting of the DVR.

The GPS-informer is an extended function of the GPS-module and differs from the usual GPS-tracker with additional functionality: it not only imposes GPS coordinates and speed on video recording, but also notifies the driver about approaching radar systems, including low-noise radars and control systems Average speed, such as "Avtodoria" with information about the distance to them.

Highly sensitive radar detectors Artway have a built-in add-on module that allows you to confidently detect the "Arrow" complex. Now the fines in your life will be less, and the pleasure of driving more!

The DVR camera with a wide viewing angle of 140 ° captures adjacent and oncoming traffic lanes, numbers of cars moving around you, as well as traffic signals. Such a range of review will resolve complex controversial situations and provide video of excellent quality from the scene.

The OSL function allows you to set the permissible value for exceeding the maximum permitted speed in a section with a stationary speed control system. Before reaching the permissible maximum permissible speed limit, the radar detector will only make visual alerts as it approaches the speed control point. In case of exceeding the permissible speed threshold, a voice alert will be activated, warning about speeding.

In large cities, there are many devices that emit signals in the ranges of radar operation (for example, automatic door signals). For more comfortable driving, you can choose special modes of operation: Route or City 1 / City 2 / City 3, created to filter false positives.

The voice alert function is available and clearly notifies the driver of the approach to speed control systems. This system allows the driver not to be distracted from traffic and receive timely important information about the traffic situation, thereby increasing road safety.

Waterproof remote camera is not afraid of rain, snow and slush, so it can be installed from the outside of the car, for example, under the license plate: the camera does not deteriorate and break.

The DVR records short video clips, lasting 1, 2, 3 or 5 minutes on a memory card. Depending on the volume, the memory card will be full after 5-10 hours. In order not to erase old files manually, the processor of the DVR will erase the oldest by date and time files, replacing them with new ones.

Stamp the date and time in the frame. This allows you to set the date and time in the video file, and add the number of your car. The availability of this information may be relevant during the trial and become part of the plaintiff's evidence base.

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